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How to fit your wig

First you have to prepare your natural hair so it doesn't have hair sticking out or bumps at the back of your wig.

I have long hair so I do two tight plaits, one on each side and wrap and pin them to the top of my head to eliminate bumps or parts of the wig looking thicker in some areas.


If wearing a synthetic wig I generally use the Velcro  wig grip (you can purchase these from eBay cheap). Personally, I prefer to wear these as they keep the wig firmly in place without the need for extra annoying clips or wearing a cap that makes my head feel hot.

You may prefer to use a wig cap, wig liner, or cotton cap under the hairpiece but if like me and you live in Queensland, I find these caps can make your head feel hot and generally don't help to keep your wig in place, so the Velcro wig grips are ideal.

I also use EBIN Wonder Lace Bond Wig Adhesive Spray which is non-sticky once dry,  is light, sweat resistant, and washes out easily with water without damaging your real hair or the wig lace.   I like this because I don't have to wear anything under my wig at all to keep it in place.  It does leave your hair flat if sprayed directly on to your hair and you will need to wash out with shampoo.   This is another item you can purchase on Amazon or Ebay. 

Take your wig out of the back it came in, give it a good shake and if need be run a wide tooth comb or anti static wig brush through the ends.  

Adjust your straps so the wig isn't to loose or tight.

Then placing the front of the wig just above your eyes, push head forward into the wig while pulling the wig down and to the back of your head, then adjust accordingly.

You can then give it a style, put it up or just run your fingers through it.  The beauty of synthetic wigs, gotta love them, so easy and versatile.

If you have any wig tips you would like to share please email them to us or you can share in the comments on the contact us page.

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