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EXTRA TIPS for washing and styling your wig:


In general, try washing every 10 to 15 uses, but be sure to use the appropriate products and techniques. 


You can add a leave-in conditioner to make your wig extra soft.

Gently squeeze the water from the wig before placing it on a well-aerated wig stand to dry. Do not comb or brush your wig until it is completely dry. When the wig is dry, brush according to your hairstyle. Use short strokes for waves and curls, and long strokes for smooth styles. Many of these wigs will maintain their original style and you may not need to do any more than give it a brush and store away as synthetic wigs do not lose their style and simply return to shape after each wash without restyling.

TIP: for synthetic wigs, you can use fabric softener broken down 1 part softener and 3 parts water. Spray lightly on the wig.


TIP: steam is your wig's friend and is great for getting out any tangles or for giving it a fresh up. Just hold it over a boiling jug for a few minutes. If I am straitening or curling my wigs I use a steam straightener which is more gentle on your hand and won't’ dry your hair out as much as a standard straightener or curling iron.

The great thing about synthetic wigs is they take no time to fit and wear.  Unlike human hair, synthetic wigs bounce back into shape after washing eliminating the need to keep restyling your wig.  Most of the synthetic wigs you see in our store have just been taken out of the bag, given a shaken and placed on our models head, but you can change the style of the wig by placing the part to the side or clipping it back off your face.

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