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Hello and welcome to my little online wig store. 

The website is new and a work in progress.


Over the years I have purchased many, many wigs and hairpieces, the majority looked great on the website but when I received them in the mail, I was in for a nasty shock. I do not know if you have had the same experience, but it is very disappointing I was out of pocket for an item I could not wear or even resell as the quality was so inferior quality, not to mention the color was not even close to being what it should be.  Sadly, it all went in the bin.


When I turned fifty-five, I noticed my hair was thinning quite rapidly, so I made an appointment with this wonderful woman in Brisbane to get fitted.   I was impressed by the quality of her synthetic wigs, so much so that I went on to research and source suppliers that could provide consistently high-quality synthetic wigs at an affordable price. I am so extremely excited to be able to source and provide these gorgeous wigs and pass the savings on to you.


My aim is to provide quality realistic wigs at affordable prices. I believe you should not be in for any surprises when your wig arrives, so I have done my best to provide you with an honest overview of your item.  Please keep in mind I have not had the opportunity to sample all of the wigs on my site.


The majority of photos you see of synthetic wigs are of the actual wig, on an everyday person that I have had help me model and I hope my collection will grow in time so I can provide examples of children, young people, and adults from a range of backgrounds and cultures wearing our wigs, not professional models, but everyday real life people like you, like myself, yep you will see my big head up there ‘putting a wig on it too. 


In time I hope to expand into ladies' and men's fashions sp you can give yourself and over haul from your head to your toes.


I will also put up videos to help teach you how to not just fit, store and care for your wigs but to learn what styles suit your face shape and colors to suit your skin tone. Who knows if you are like me, you might get the wig bug and end up with a complete collection.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have a different hairstyle every day?


I was spending over $300 every 5 to 8 weeks having to get my hair cut, colored, and toned.  Now I just buy a wig and am enjoying my natural grey hair.

I hope you enjoy my little online wig store and hope over time to be able to get to know you, so please feel free to start a blog or leave feedback on the ‘What’s new’ page and we can share our wig experiences together.


Jacqueline Stack

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